Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tag Team Teaching

Last Sunday, my brother Lowell went with me to the Tellico Plains Church of God to help me teach the Sunday School lesson for the Sanctuary Class. We are coming rapidly to a close of studying "Through The Bible in One Year" in our class and the lesson for the day was on 2nd Peter and Jude. We only have 45 minutes to teach - so naturally we cannot cover all the wonderful teaching contained in those two books - but after 20 minutes on 2nd Peter, I walked back to where he was sitting and gave him the "tag". He immediately jumped into the ring and began to deliver the teachings of the book of Jude about "false teachers" in such a positive and faith-building way! After we arrived and before Sunday School started, Pastor Paul Fritts also asked my brother to deliver the sermon. He did a fantastic job on both presentations! Thanks Lowell!!!

Regrettably I forgot to take his picture while he was teaching or preaching - but here's one of him with son Jonathan graduating from college.

Today I visited the Theological Seminary's Chapel service (11:00 - 12:00) because I had learned that one of my favorite Theologians (Dr. James Beaty) was giving a presentation on the "Continuing Influence of the Church of God Teachings and Practical Commitments". On Tuesday, Dr. R. Hollis Gause (another of my favorites) had taught on "The Historical Development of Church of God Doctrine". It's great to have these men still with us (Beaty and Gause) who were part of shaping our statements - and hearing some of the dynamics that influenced them. I learned today (can you believe it?) that American Wesleyan teaching is a good bit different from what Wesley originally taught. I wish I could remember all the good things they said. It was quite revealing to learn that one of our "prime movers" in the late 1800s and early 1900s was totally against the church having any "creed" or "doctrines of men" and taught that we should use only the New Testament for our statements of faith and doctrine.

Left to right: Dr. Stephen Land; Dr. Hollis Gause; Dr. David Roebuck and Dr. James Beaty. These men are pillars in the movement known as the Church of God with International Headquarters in Cleveland, TN.

The teaching session was followed up with a panel which included Dr's Beaty and Gause, who were joined at the table by Dr. David Roebuck (Church Historian) and Dr. Stephen Land (President of the Seminary). After the session concluded I was able to get this picture of the four leaders. Two of them have agreed to accompany me in the coming weeks as guest Sunday School teacher at the Tellico Plains Church of God where I teach the Sanctuary Sunday School Class. To say "I'm excited" about that prospect is an understatement!


Ginny said...

How exciting this must be! Now about Wesleylan teachings, are you referring to the Wesleyan Church, it seems you are referring to Church Of God. We had thought that Wesleyan churches were an offshoot of Methodist? My son's mother-in-law is now going to a Wesleyan Church, and I have asked her a bit about it. We have also never heard of tag team teaching! Seems that us Mennonites are totally out of the loop!! How proud you must be of your brother, and how great that he is so special and you share the same beliefs, Amen!!

Fred Alton said...

LoL - Ginny, you are ahead of me in the knowledge of the Wesleyan church. I thought it was the same as any other Methodist church. The thing Wesley brought to our church was the teaching of the experience of "entire sanctification" followed by a practical "holiness" lifestyle. If I remember my teachers correctly, Simon Menno was also a teacher of practical holiness. I really should re-read some of these things.

As for term "tag-team" teaching - it comes from the wrestling world where there are four wrestlers (two against two) but only one in the ring at the time. When one gets in trouble and needs relief he has to get near the ropes and touch his partner - who can then jump into the ring and take up the fight while he crawls out of the ring. ☺

jack69 said...

Amazing to see a man like David Beaty who could just as easily been as well known as his Famous and infamous family. I use the 'infamous' light heartedly. We all know Jerry Lee lewis, Mickey Gilley, and Whats his name (Jimmy Swaggart).

I have never met David inperson but have heard a lot about him.

Good entry and good to see the picture of Lowell. I knlow he did well along with you. I enjoyed my short time during your teaching at Tellico.
Take care!@!!!(I do have the right David Beaty don't I?)

Fred Alton said...

Jack, there could be some confusion. David Beaty is the song-writer and musician who is a dedicated Pastor. James Beaty is the Dr. who has been a former missionary to Haiti and is now involved in the Theological Seminary. Goth of them are great men in my view.

George said...

Tag-team teaching is great for the class, especially when team members are first rate, as yours are.
Betsy and I taught Bible Studies together and I think the classes enjoyed it ad much ad we did.

Fred Alton said...

George, thanks for your kind comment! I'm sure you and Betsy are the quality ones.

~mel said...

"I learned today (can you believe it?)" ... I had to chuckle. lol ~ I enjoyed your post and the tag team references.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You and Lowell make a great team, don't you, Fred? George and I team teach our Bible Studies. He's the historian --and I am good at relating the Bible to our lives.. We do well together....

Great post. Thanks!!!!

Fred Alton said...

Betsy, you are both fortunate to have each other! What a great combination. I'd love to hear you teach.

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