Friday, September 17, 2010

He's Got It All Under His Control

Due to my youngest Brother Lowell's comment on my last post, I am posting again about the general subject of "God In Control" His comment on my last post here was the words to a song he wrote several years ago and that he and his wife sing for us at family gatherings and at church. I'll never forget the day he was in the hospital in Monroe, Louisiana with five major bone breaks in his body, caused by a head-on collision with a drunk driver. His first wife was killed instantly. He was knocked out and did not know anything. He had been there for several weeks and we all thought he might not survive. On Tuesday I was the one sitting with him when the doctor came into the waiting room and called me to show me X-rays of crushed bone marrow that had now entered his lungs. The doc stated to me, "If there is anyone in your family that you want to see your brother before he dies, get them here before Friday. When these crushed pieces of bone enter his brain, he is dead! He cannot survive." I remember saying to the Doctor, "Sir, you do everything in your power to help him and I and our family will be in earnest prayer. We believe that God is able to heal him." Friday came and his body struggled. Our faith wavered but held on tenuously. We were all exhausted from sleepless nights and worrisome days. At times we were ready to give up - But we kept praying. It's hard to believe that it has been so long ago, but he got out of the hospital and returned to his pastorate. He retired about the same time I did. He remarried, fathered two more children (who are now both married) and is a blessing to others wherever he goes. I'm going to look for a picture of him and his new wife.

This picture was made in May of this year at one of our family "get-togethers".

For a long while his signature song was Andre Crouch's "Through It All". Then God gave him the following words - which he titled, "He's Got It All Under His Control". Wish you ALL (my blogger friends) could hear them play and sing it!

During one of those days when our faith was being stretched to the limit, Mama said something like, "If I knew that he would survive this and get his health back - then fall into sin - I'd rather God would take him on now because I know He is ready to meet God." Then one of the family members said, "Well, the same God who can heal him can also keep him saved!" Yes - we believe it in our family...GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Thanks for the words to your song Brother! I love you.

Battles all around me were raging.
The clouds in the sky were so dark.
My ship was tossing on life's sea.
My life was just about to come apart.
But I put my trust in my Jesus,
For I had heard that He's the master of the sea.
He said, "Peace! Be still!" and the winds did obey Him.
Now I'm celebrating victory.

He's got it all under His control,
And everything is gonna be alright.
He's got it all under His control,
In the day and in the middle of the night.
He's got it all under His control,
And I can see because He is the light.
Though the battle everywhere, all around is raging,
He's got it all under His control.

This is Jonathan (Lowell and Janis' 27 year old son) and his wife, Kristen. Lowell - you may need to correct me on how old he is. They also have a daughter (Jennifer) who is married to a great guy named Bill. Lowell's oldest son, Stephen Brannen, is in the Air-Force band and is an outstanding musician. Stephen's sister Tammy is worship and praise leader in the church she attends. Sorry - but I couldn't find a decent picture of the others tonight.


Ginny said...

My, what a story! I never heard of crushed bome marrow traveling anywhere in the body. What tremendous sorrow he has gone through. He looks so healthy now! Our God is an awesome God, indeed! And he is a songwriter? I, also, wish I could hear the music to go with these great words!

jack69 said...

Wow, Fred, I have never heard this story. I met Lowell one time in the early 1960's and did not see him again until this trip. That stop at your place was the starting highlight of the trip. Seeing Lowell then was such a treat. It was also a treat to hear him play the piano and you guys sing.
Love you brother and thanks for an inspiring family revelation. I am sure the story was told, but I did not hear it. I miss a lot, but reading it, and knowing Lowell it means a lot. Give him our love when you next see him. Hug Frances.
Our last night in las Vegas we B ready to leave, it is HOT.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---this story of faith and hope made me cry... God is in control... Thanks be to God for Lowell and his life.

Thanks for sharing this story, Fred.... God Bless You.

George said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of faith and the power of prayer.
The words of Lowell's song are beautiful.

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