Wednesday, February 22, 2012

4th Chemo Treatment

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 I went into Memorial Hospital for my fourth chemo treatment.  I had a really bad week leading up to the treatment.  However, my lab work showed my blood-count to be better than it has been since my surgery.  I have just returned from another visit for only lab-work, and the blood work continues to climb.  I know that this has to be God at work, healing me, as he has promised to do.

I'm getting a Boost along the way!

Good friends supplied chicken soup and cornbread
This cornbread is just like I like it - thin and crispy!

I really surprised Frances for Valentine's day - with this Barbershop Quartet arriving at our home and singing three love songs for her.  She was overwhelmed to tears.  I have to confess I also shed a tear before they were through, but I was so proud of myself because I have never been able to surprise her so completely for anything (birthday, valentine's day, christmas or anything else) but on that day I did it.  I still feel somewhat smug.

Another thing that was part of this package was the large box of chocolates I managed to sneak into the house and set  up by  the kitchen counter so it was the first thing she saw when she came into the kitchen that morning.

Another visit from Frances' neice, bring food!  Yummmmm!

This cardinal came to visit me while I sat in the warm afternoon sunshine one day last week.

Beautiful buttercups clipped from our yard and brought into the house for me (with love) from Frances!  Spring is almost here folks!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Third Chemo Treatment

Jonquils are popping out in our yard.  Spring is Coming!
This is the pump that fits into the pouch and is attached to the surgical port under my left clavical.
I can hardly believe it! But here, just outside our front door the jonquils are already popping out. And I think that in just a few more weeks all this chemo treatment will  pass and I'll have new life also. Jehovah God is an awesome God!

Here is the belt pouch that holds the chemo-pump which I wear for two nights.

I decided to get a new haircut!

This is one of the scenes I passed on the way to Church last Sunday, January 29

Our Youth Group at the Tellico Plaina, TN Church of God Singing
For now, here's what happened: 
Yesterday morning, at 7:20a.m., my brother Wil joined me for the trip to Chattanooga Oncology center and stayed with me the during the lab-work, doctor visit and chemo treament. We started chemo at 9:45 and finished at 12:00p.m., at which time a "chemo-pump" was attached which I must wear until Friday. It's un-comfortable to wear - especially while trying to sleep - but not un-bearable.

Everything went smoothly. The doctor was pleased with the results of the blood work and feels we are making good progress.

I so appreciate your praying for me. May the Lord bless you in return. I'm convinced that your prayers are making a difference in the level of side-effects being felt. They have been very minimal to date.

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