Thursday, February 2, 2012

Third Chemo Treatment

Jonquils are popping out in our yard.  Spring is Coming!
This is the pump that fits into the pouch and is attached to the surgical port under my left clavical.
I can hardly believe it! But here, just outside our front door the jonquils are already popping out. And I think that in just a few more weeks all this chemo treatment will  pass and I'll have new life also. Jehovah God is an awesome God!

Here is the belt pouch that holds the chemo-pump which I wear for two nights.

I decided to get a new haircut!

This is one of the scenes I passed on the way to Church last Sunday, January 29

Our Youth Group at the Tellico Plaina, TN Church of God Singing
For now, here's what happened: 
Yesterday morning, at 7:20a.m., my brother Wil joined me for the trip to Chattanooga Oncology center and stayed with me the during the lab-work, doctor visit and chemo treament. We started chemo at 9:45 and finished at 12:00p.m., at which time a "chemo-pump" was attached which I must wear until Friday. It's un-comfortable to wear - especially while trying to sleep - but not un-bearable.

Everything went smoothly. The doctor was pleased with the results of the blood work and feels we are making good progress.

I so appreciate your praying for me. May the Lord bless you in return. I'm convinced that your prayers are making a difference in the level of side-effects being felt. They have been very minimal to date.


jack69 said...

Hey Fred, now we are twins, I am so proud of you, getting a haircut just to match mine.
Most of all so glad you are doing well. I know it is a WONDERFUL side effect, the tied down time is shared by close family ties. Knowing your brother, wife, mom, daughter, some family member is with you during the hours you must sit.

Just so you will know, again, we Love you , It is nice for us to have such a friend, and friends (in your family).

I just checked on your cousin Fred (Inverness), he left yesterday for 30 days in Australia!

Melanie said...

Hi, Fred,
Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how you were doing.
I'm so glad the side effects have been minimal so far. We'll pray that continues.
Please make sure I'm on your update list. Take care. :)

Jean said...

Glad to hear the Chemo treatments hasn't been too bad, and hope it will continue this way. What great friends and family you have. Please put me on your update list. It's so good to see an update from you. Take care. Jean

Fred said...

Sorry Melanie, I just looked and I don't have your e-mail address.

Same for you, Jean. If you send it to my e-mail, I'll be glad to add you.

Joyful said...

Yeah!, Fred. I've been praying for minimal side effects for you. It is wonderful to hear how the Lord is answering the prayers of everyone who is praying for you.
I'd like to be on your update list. God bless and thank you for praying for me too!

shirl72 said...

Hi Fred, thanks for stopping by
my blog. I don't write to often.
I guess I am more private than
Jack he tells enough.

I could not believe the blog he
wrote about me. He is a good

I pray the Chemo will do good.
Jim had 56 radiations, and 4 chemo's but made him real sick.
He was given 5 months to live but
lived 8...

Take care.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I am so proud of you, Fred, and how well you are doing with the Chemo.. God is good all of the time!!!!!!

Our Jonquils/Daffodils are trying to bud also... Don't think we have had much winter this year!!!!


Ginny said...

You look very cool in your new haircut, Fred!! So glad things are all going so very well, and you know that jonquils are a good sign!! I KNOW everything is going to be fine!!

George said...

Betsy shared your update with me, so I already knew the good news about your third treatment. But I'm glad I came to this post and learned about your jonquils. Ours aren't quite that far along, but they will be blooming soon.

We'll continue to keep you in our prayers.

~mel said...

Spring flowers already ~ mine are still nestled under a good foot of snow. I think the Good Lord is blessing you with a little gift from above ~ showing you a sign of life at the end of this long and trying winter you've been through:)

Nice haircut you're sporting these days ~ now you'll be able to swim faster!

You and your family are in my prayers.

JDS said...

I am very happy to hear that you are experiencing so few side effects with your chemo. I work in the world of disability claims, and very often we pay claims for people who are disabled not by the cancer, but by the treatment. I am praying that when the chemo is done, the cancer will be gone forever.

BlueShell said...

I Fred. I'm glad you feel better! My husband had to use a pump like that. It was uncomfortable to slip and to take bath! He had to "use it " for 46 hours , every 15 days...for 6 months. But he's ok, now...with God blessings.
Next February 9, the day after tomorrow, we go to the Oncology center in Coimbra (1,30h trip)to take routine exams! We are a little nervous already , as you can imagine. But I have faith.

I like your photos, Fred! And your Church is so nice!

I'll go on praying for you...Have faith my friend, have faith!

Blueshell (ISABEL)

BlueShell said...

Fred...Me again...
I try to enter into Jean's blog but ii cant...I do not understand...
Tell her I send a big hug to her, OK?
Thank you!
Isabel /BShell

Dar said...

Well, now, look at that handsome fella with the close cut....loving it so much. God sure is a blessing to you. You look great to me. I'm happy you are doing so well. Your faith and strength are smiling spring things on you...jonquils sliver of yellow is proof positive.
You have a wonderful, easy spring after this is all over. God be with you always, my dear friend. Hugs to you and Frances. She is such a doll. Take plenty of R&R.

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