Thursday, November 14, 2013

Still Hanging On!

The Chemo Treatment Center in Chattanooga, TN
It's a bumpy detour - but we continue traveling because we know the end of the road is closer than it was.  Since my last post was in May - there has been many changes in scenery.  I came home and dealt with the "shock" of knowing that it could well be that my time on this earth would soon come to an end.  The "guess-timate" (based on many cases similar to my condition) was that I had four to six months before that fateful event.  It has now been a few days past six months and today I was able to .... well, first ...

In June of this year Frances and I celebrated our 56th Wedding Anniversary.  We attended the Tennessee Camp Meeting and had guests in our home that week.  In July I reached my 75th birthday.  On the last Sunday of August I gave up my much loved Sunday School class (an activity which I dearly loved) because I did not/do not want to continue teaching when the ravages of disease have begun to affect my ability to focus and deliver the message with clarity.  Tho that was a sad thing and I dreaded to do that - Life continues to be full and sweet as I continue singing at church; at the Senior Citizen's Center; at Gaddy's Gospel Sing; and at our local church - the Victory Drive Church of God here in Cleveland, Tennessee.  If you want to see and hear that happening you can get a small taste of it by going to YouTube and searching for Chris Chastain.    Once there, scroll down his list of songs for my name: "Fred Alton Brannen".  No - it's NOT great - unless you like old time southern gospel/bluegrass gospel.  You will find some of many other good singers there also.  The BRANHAM FAMILY are not related to us.  We are the BRANNEN BOYS.  :d

"If You're Talking About That Old Time Religion"
So... we continue our lives.  Also I have been placed on Hospice Care.  I am still able to do most things but am grateful for the adjustable bed so that I sleep sitting up when my food doesn't want to go down.  I believe that I am most blessed to have such a supportive family and group of nurses that come to my home once a week to support and assure me that they are here for me when I need medical assistance.  Hmm.  This paragraph doesn't sound like I want it to. 

What else?  Well - today we celebrated our middle daughter's 48th birthday by taking her to Logan's for lunch.  Filet Mignon, baked potato and a salad, Coca-Cola and a lot of love shared with her Mother and me.  She has been so helpful.  Our older daughter (#1) who also lives nearby is a wonderful and strong daughter who lends her strength to Mom and me with visits and prayers.  My two brothers and two sisters living near us is also a great thing for we get to see each other frequently.  Our baby daughter and her husband with two young girls - live in Watertown, NY where they pastor a church.  I'm strengthened by prayers and frequent calls from "the Pet".  My heart is warmed that they are in the work of ministry and are giving themselves lovingly to souls.
Two Beautiful Women I took To Lunch Today!

Oh my - now I will have to get busy and do some writing as my Mom has been after me some time now to give her one sermon for her book of sermons.  She is putting together her own book of sermons and will add one from each of her three preacher sons.  I think the other two are ahead of me but I found one today which I hope she finds acceptable. 

Keep looking up!  Jesus may come - or call for you - today!

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