Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horseback Riding

This very spirited black horse was ridden by the owner of all the horses used on this trip. Sam is a skilled rider.

The only mule in the bunch. My friend Bill said he was the best "horse" here.

My close friend, Ed, stood by the mule while trying to make up his mind if he should consider going on this trail ride. I'm so glad he decided to go.

The preacher standing by me who rode this mule today has been a friend since he was 16. He's now 80. What a great time of reminiscing.

Today, my friend Ed Williams and I drove over to Signal Mountain to the Annual "Ministers Retreat" to visit with friends we have known over the years. Also we had the opportunity to make a few new friends. So many new young men are now pastors of our churches. At one time I could name all 300 pastors in the state. Now I doubt if I can name more than 50 to 60 of them.

While we were there, we participated in a trail ride with six other men. Three of us were 72-plus years of age. One man was 82, one was 80 and I came in third place at 72! I told Frances this evening, "It is great to feel so alive! And it HURTS too!" Anyone out there have any horse liniment for my aching joints?

We then had lunch. After lunch a little target practice with pistols. Later there was the skeet shoot with shot-guns! We watched the skeet shooting and watched as a brother patiently caught fish out of the pond. The venue for this retreat is always our Church's 80 acres on Edward's Pointe near Signal Mountain!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fred, How neat that all of you 'youngsters' got to go horseback riding..... I know you had fun--despite the aches and pains.

Isn't it great to go to a retreat and catch up with old friends ---and new friends....

Have a great week!!!

George said...

This sounds like a wonderful retreat. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the horseback riding. I hope the 'aches and pains' are now gone.

Ginny said...

It looks like a fun and out of the ordinary time. Going out of your comfort zone at our age is a brave thing. We find that the older the two of us get, the more comfort matters! But I bet it kind of re-energized you? Can I ask what denomination your church is? If I knew, I must have forgotten.

Fred Alton said...

Ginny, we're the Church of God with International Headquarters in Cleveland, TN. I've been credentialed with this organization since 1960.

jack69 said...

Well Fred Alton, Riding a horse at your age!!!! Fun ain't it?
Glad you guys got together for the ride. Been a long time, but it is a great feeling I agree, as far as feeling alive, youdon't have to hurt to do that do you? Ha!

Love you, hug Frances for us!

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