Friday, January 8, 2010


Today we started putting eye drops into Frances' right eye in preparation for cataract surgery on Monday. She was blinking so bad I spilled the first drop onto her eyelash - but she managed to blink enough that she feels she needs no more. It was funny to watch her reactions. I also need cataract surgery but will wait until hers is finished. She says that's cause I'm nervous about it but that's just not so. I just feel it's more important for her to be taken care of first.

It is so cold here this morning (14 degrees) and things are moving slow. Connect that thought of "col"d with the "light dusting of snow" we had last night and our world is totally in slow-motion, except at the grocery store where people are a-buzz, buying groceries like they knew that tomorrow there would never be another loaf available. But then that occurs every time we have any hint of snow from the weather prognosticators. It's amusing, really.

My kids may be trying to get out of the Bible Study I've offerred them. I called the oldest one and she said her husband doesn't want to do it. He's a Baptist preacher's kid. Hmmm. I wonder if he has heard the stories of the powders we sprinkle on people to make them shout? (Here I wish for the Yahoo emoticons to add. I would put the one of the "big grin" behind that last statement.) I guess I could promise him I would not bring out the "holiness powder"! We did do some things that have caused wonder, if not consternation in the hearts of so called "out-siders".

We've just finished lunch and I came out here to check e-mail. I'm now reading a novel by my friend Jack L. Darnell from North Carolina. It's called "Sticky" and is really an intriguing work if you like the "who-dunit" genre of literature. (I do.) I remember spending a week on the coast of Kenya at Kilifi Creek in an old Britisher's former home. He had a couple hundred detective story books which became my passtime when the sun got too hot to walk the beach. Nothing better than swinging in the hammock with a Danielle Steele or similar novel in hand and falling asleep in the shady winds coming in from off-shore.

Of course it was disturbing to be awakened from my nap by Frances who needed my help to come and kill another snake in the house! Oh what fun!!!


jack69 said...

Great entry. yeah we did a lot of things to cause raised eye brows on the 'unlearned'. Sometime I wonder how we survived.
The drops were the worst of the cataract surgery to me. Just the regiment. I always want something done and over. I still believe on my first eye they required too many drops afterward. The seconde were not as many.
She will do great.
I am flattered that you will take time to read my books. Thanks. No matter how hard I try I cannot write during the day. I write from 10pm to about 2am. Sometime I act like a kid trying to skip homework. haha!
Ain't you glad Al Gore got that global warming thing fixed! LOL
Love you guys,
Jack & Sherry

Fred Alton said...

Jack, sorry about the delay in publishing your comment here. I had almost abandoned the blog in favor of Facebook - but our re-connecting has caused me to come back here. BTW - are you on Facebook?

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