Monday, January 25, 2010

Cataracts Removed from Frances' Eyes

Frances is now asleep in her recliner. We were at the DiStephano Eye Surgery Center this morning at 7:00 for cataracts to be removed from Frances left eye. She has such beautiful eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul. I love to see this woman smile like she smiled when we heard a noise outside our kitchen door, opened it, saw the Fed-Ex truck driving away and realized it was this vase of flowers sent by dear friends Rob and Kathy Davis who now live in N.E. Alabama. It's wonderful to have such caring friends as they are. It's wonderful to have a wife with such captivating eyes!

I think you should see the lillies when they opened fully about a week later. I am still challenged when trying to download pictures and get them into the proper place. They always want to go to the top of the page and push askew what I've already worked so hard to properly place. O.K. Here goes. Well, still won't be manipulated without a lot of effort - but guess it's worth it. Aren't the flowers wonderful?

Today after surgery it was almost 9:30 when they finished the work on Frances left eye - and she was hungry since she had been fasting from midnight last night. So we went across the road to Chick-Fil-A for a breakfast sandwich. It surely was good - so good in fact - that she sent me to Chick-Fil-A to get her a bowl of Chicken Soup and a Fruit Cup for lunch just a few minutes ago. Those chicken bites were just what I needed too. Eye-drops have been applied and Insulin shot given she is now resting.

Only ONE more month of eye-drops to go! Hurray!!!

O.K. Gotta finish preparations for dinner and a Bible Study with some of my kids. I think I'll make Pizza tonight. "Make"? Nahhhh. Just call Pizza Hut!


jack69 said...

Great, Glad the surgery is done. Amazing they require so many drops. But I don't like to second guess anyone when sight is involved. Frances is a great lady and we certainly love that woman (and her husband). So much to think about in our past with such a short time of your lives being close. Some of our favorite memories are from that trailer park in Ocean Springs.

It is great that you can get the family together. It all sounds good. Yeah.... I think Pizza Hut would be a good choice!
Love you guys. Give FRances a big hug for us and wish her the best and fastest recovery ever.
Jack & Sherry

Fred Alton said...

Isn't it incredible? The bond that we feel after only those few short months of living near each other at Biloxi/Ocean Springs and it feels like we knew each other all of our lives. I think, as the young folks say, "It's a God thing." I feel especially close to Charles Matthews and his wife in that way also.

Favorite One said...

Dad - Just gotta say - that pizza you made was REALLY good! Chloe loved the olives! We are really enjoying the bible study and supper and time together. I finally finished my homework from last week & have started on this week's. :0) Thank you for your sweet prayer & listening to all our questions. Looking forward to next Monday! Love you! Your favorite daughter.

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