Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Snowing In Tennessee

Our street, looking southwest. Our mailbox is by the utility pole.

Our house from the left front. I am standing in the street

Yes, I know - it's no big deal to people in Watertown, New York where our baby daughter lives.
This morning I put on my coat and hat to go out to play - I invited Frances to play with me. She said, "NO!" So - I invited her to come outside and just watch me play but Frances said, "I can see you through the window!"

The grape arbor which I just planted in late summer does not look like it will ever live again. But who knows?

I'm reminded that Tennessee does not get heavily pummeled by snow each and every year. In my older life it does not seem we have near as much snow as we had when I was a small boy growing up. I remember a snow when we were living at Campaign, TN when I was about 7 or 8 years old. If I remember correctly it was 18" deep. Dad went outside and helped us three boys build an Igloo out of snow blocks. What fun-filled days those were. Mama had no dish-washer (unless you counted my brother Wilmon and me). So when the dishes had been washed in the beat up old zinc pan, the water was thrown out the back door. When it snowed and turned cold it made an ideal ice-skating place. I loved to back off from it, run up to the ice, jump and slide as far as I could. That was about two feet - or maybe as much as three - but to a 7 year old boy it was like having an olympic sized skating arena. I loved the outdoors. Summer and winter. I wanted my Brother Wilmon to enjoy it with me. So I begged him to come out and "skate" with me on the ice and snow. He was cold-natured. He bundled up in his warm wool coat and sweater and stayed inside. I pleaded, "You don't have to skate. Just come out here and watch me! It's so much fun!!!" He said, "I can see you clearly through this kitchen window! Go ahead and skate. I'll watch from here!" Of course Frances has heard me tell that story many times so she knew exactly what to say.


jack69 said...

Hey Brother Fred!!! I can see it is fun, and I can remember the snow somewhat, but not saying I envy you though. Sherry would answer like your brother and Frances!!!

I do love the out doors summer and winter also. The pictures are beautiful and the snow is fun. Glad you can enjoy it. Some folks as old as you can't. hahahahaha!
A joke but true. I am glad you have good health and are able to act out some.
Of course the comment about the bald head and no hair you left on the shipslog is always true. I can do nothing it seems, without putting a dent or a scratch there.
I hope you enjoyed the day, now that is is over. Now do your job and keep Frances warm!!!
Love you guys, Summer is not far away, looking forward to it.
Sherry & Jack

Fred Alton said...

You know Jack, I thank God every single day for the health I have/have had. I may discover some malady tomorrow - but up to now (and I'm lots older than you :D) I can still walk 3 miles in an hour...and feel good most of the time. Indigestion is probably my biggest prob and if I would just watch what I eat I wouldn't have that problem. Well, to speak the truth...a little arthritis too...but not like some folks I know. I feel un-deserving but appreciative!

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