Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Morning World!

Yes folks! That's me...50 years ago!

I'm reminded of a story I heard of a preacher in a remote part of the foot-hills of Appalachia who went down to the local 1,000 watt radio station and purchased himself a daily 15 minute radio broadcast. The radio station's 1,000 watts could cover the whole county...well...almost the whole county - except for a couple of valleys hidden by the mountains. His total audience was possibly 30,000 people. Each morning as he sat before the microphone, his radio greeting was - "Good Morning World!!!"

I'm feeling the excitement that the preacher felt with his new venture. I've been off the computer too long - and now to be able to get back here and actually post a blog - feels like I'm in touch with the world again! I'm aware that there are only a half dozen or so who will read this but -- "Good Morning World!"

Now that I'm back I'll have to learn to operate this new laptop. It won't let me manipulate my pictures here in the same way that I was able to manipulate them with the old computer. Before i could right click on a picture and then cut - then paste it at the location desired. Now I cannot "cut" them. Oh well. Look on the positive side. At least I'm back!

I have had 5 tons of rock delivered to the cabin to cover up the muddy place developing where we get out of the vehicles. I need to do some work to the landscaping there. Plus, I need to open the doors and windows and let it air out. I have hardly been there this winter - partly because the gas heater has to be replaced. I also need to pull that old couch out and burn it. Did you ever try to sleep on a couch that was so structured that it poked you in the rib cage all night? ☻ Last time a visitor slept there, I found him on the floor next morning! Ah well...I'll turn that couch into fuel for the camp fire!

Keep listenin' to th' radio. We'll be back.


jack69 said...

Glad to see Fred Alton's page come up on the alerts. Who is that young man again? I think I can barely remember the guy who lived next door in Ocean Springs, Mississippi that looked like that. Of course I remember the beautiful wife better!!!!

It is frustrating getting used to a new machine. I am having trouble here in the hospital. There are several places yoou can find these, just sit down and sign on.

The cabin area looks good, I know you are glad to have the stone. With the weather here I can't imagine opening it up to air out. hahaha. Our water has been frozen about 80-90% of the time we have been here.

NOTE: you never know who is reading and when. Most folks will not comment. At one time I set up a counter, but it went awry, and I have never tried to fix it.

I wanted to comment and say LOVE to you ALL from the FROZEN TWO!

Sherry & Jack

Jean said...

Hi Fred, glad to see you back I was wondering what had happen to you. I have this desk top and a lap top the laptop is newer and so much different. I use the desk top to write my blog. I'm still trying to learn how to post a picture .I think I have that figured out; I’m still trying to figure out how to write over or under them. Pretty place you have out in the woods. Take care, Jean

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fred, Welcome back. Glad you are getting your cabin ready for SPRING.... Hope you get yourself a new (or nearly new) couch!!!!!!!

It took me awhile to get used to my laptop also--but I love it now... Good Luck.

Have a good day,

Melanie said...

Nice to hear from you again. :)
What a nice cabin you have there. I'm sure you and your wife really enjoy it!
That's a neat story about the preacher on the radio. :)
Yes, it's always hard getting used to a different computer!
Hope you're having a great week.

Ginny said...

Hi Fred, nice to see you back. I'm still listening to your radio station! And as usual, I have questions. Have you not been posting much because of computer problems, and that is why you got the new laptop? How often do you go to the cabin and how long do you stay? We need to get a bunch of gravel to fill in parts of the driveway where the wheels made ruts, but gosh, I'm hoping it won't have to be tons!! I thought you could right click to copy pictures on any computer operating system! I wouldn't like not being able to do that. Do you have windows 7? Or a Mac?

George said...

I'm glad you're back! I predict it won't be long before you get that laptop figured out. Of course, it sounds as if you're going to be very busy at the cabin as well. Oh, well, at least you won't be bored.

Dar said...

Well, THERE you are! I have missed you, my friend. I love your cabin in the hills and know about needing to ' fill in' road and parking areas. We have to fix and fill every spring break-up. Cannot wait to do that, tho it looks like we will be 'under the weather' for a couple of months yet.
Sorry about the laptop woos. I'd work on my desktop over the laptop anyday...however, having my metal spine makes for some difficulty sitting in a chair, holding the laptop, tensing up with poor posture, get the picture.
You will figure out the picture process,and until then, I will visit anyway. I love reading of your days. You make me smile.
You haven't changed a bit! As Handsome Today as Yesterday~~love that you did radio. Hugs to you and your lovely Frances. Have a wonderful weekend. Are you going to the cabin to torch that couch. We have had 'just such a fire' a few times ourselves.

George said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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