Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alabama Visit

The setting sun was so beautiful from the front porch!

Well, maybe it was just a little bright! Here is Frances sheilding her eyes as she looks out over ther fields to the west.

We were sitting on the front porch of this beautiful home.

Wow! I can hardly believe it but Frances and made this short trip with me down to Athens, Alabama Thursday night and home this morning without being totally worn out! This has been really good for me, at least. We went to visit our good friends that we had met in 1989 in Nairobi, Kenya - Rob and Kathy Davis. He has a small farm with pond, horses, and dogs on 20+ acres out in the country. We loved their place, but of course the best part was being with these good people and reminescing about our times in Kenya. Their son, Tristan, was in for a few days from Colorado. I'm so thankful that she is making such good improvement with her heart rhythm. The medicine change about two weeks ago seems to be working better than anything has so far. Keep praying saints!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad both of you could make that trip, Fred, to see old friends. There's nothing better than that... What a gorgeous home they have....

It's raining like crazy up here --all day long...

Ginny said...

I'm so glad you had such a good trip and both watched that sunset. Isn't it great to watch the sun set with your loved one? How long is this trip? Beautiful sunset! I have a friend who has had heart rythm problems for many years. Every once in a while it will go out of rythem and she will have to breathe into a bag, or go to the E.R. to get it shocked. Last time she went, last month, they wouldn't shock it, they told her she had waited too long and it can't be shocked after three days. So now she is taking cumaden and after a few weeks she will take a pill they they say will fix it.

Jean said...

Glad Frances was able to make the trip with you to see your good friends in Alabama. What a lovely home they have and with a porch to sit on. I hope Frances health keeps improving.

George said...

I'm glad that Frances could make the trip with you and that everything went well. Hopefully she will be able to enjoy more and more things.
The sunset was beautiful, and it's always wonderful to reconnect with old friends. I'm glad you had a good visit.

~mel said...

So happy to hear that you had a nice trip, meet up with old acquaintances and that Frances is doing so well. I know my dear hubby worries over me some times ... I think a little too much because of my heart problems; but you know what? I still wouldn't trade him in for anything ... even though I sometimes talk like I would.

on your prior post ... I hope you have some help with moving all that rock ... that's a LOT of work

Dar said...

Sooo glad to read about the improvements for your beloved Frances. She looks like she is really enjoying that rocker on your friends porch. May you have many more visits together. Your time in Kenya must have been a blessing as you speak of it often. Stay safe and have a most blessed day. We're supposed to get another few inches of snow...but I just know that spring will come. Looking for green grass and sunshine. Send any you can spare, dear friends.

Deborah said...

Hi Fred, That must have been a nice day trip! It's always fun to see old friends!
The sunset is beautiful~
I also thought your picture from 50 years ago was very nice! Time sure does fly by :)
You must still be laying down all that rock! My mothers farm could use some gravel too to help with all the mud!
Have a great day :)

Favorite One said...

So glad to see you back! And, so extra glad mom was able to travel a little and still be doing well - a miracle in itself.

Did you ride the horses at Rob and Kathy's?

L A Brannen said...

We are glad to hear that Francis is doing so much better. Sunday morning we took Francis to church at North Cleveland where Marcus Hands S.S. Class was celebrating her 90th. birthday. We were just about to leave the house to pick her up and she called and said that she felt good enough to drive herself to the church. WOW! We picked her up anyway, but it was good to know that she was doing so well.

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