Monday, February 14, 2011

Cards, Candy and Cash

Oh WoW! I am so blessed to have the love of the ideal woman as my valentine. She has faithfully followed me thousands of miles, worked to help make enough money for us to survive, taught our children to love their Daddy and taught them about God's love, filled in as surrogate Daddy while I was traveling, and in every way has been faithful. This morning she came in with a Valentine Card for me, containing cash, a dish-ful of Hershey's Kisses with almonds, and CASH - that item that mankind loves so much because it can be turned into whatever the heart desires! ☺ And then a kiss (or two...or maybe three) and a back massage. ☺ What a wonderful way to start another day with the woman who has been my lover and friend for almost 54 years. Ahhhhh! ☻

On the front the card reads, "This is all that I know of love... That it begins and ends with you!" Inside it reads, "For every way you are my partner, for every day you fill with love...Happy Valentine's Day." I think I'm in love!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how sweet.... Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie, Fred.


Jean said...

What a sweetheart, Happy Valentine's. Waiting on the carpet installers this morning, take care and have a nice day.

jack69 said...

Oh ho!!!! My friend. AIN'T %$ years been grand. We both have our sweethearts. We both felt the same on our wedding days and we both have the BEST. Kiss your VAlentine for me. I love that Frances, you are one lucky dog.

Good entry Fred. YES WE ARE BLESSED (And you are old) haha!

I don't know what you have done, but I suggest you keep it up! ha!

From Florida!
Sherry & Jack (54 yrs also)

Melanie said...

What a sweet wife you have! I hope the two of you will have a wonderful day together! :)

~mel said...

Happy Valentine's Day to two wonderful people!! Next year, hopefully ~ we'll meet face to face; but in the meantime ... you're stuck with me in cyberspace. Enjoy this beautiful day ~ HUGS and SMOOCHES and all that other Cupid stuff!

Ginny said...

What a wonderful Valentine you have, and what a special Valentines day!! Your title; Cards, Candy, and Cash, reminds me of that old Warren Zevon song called "Lawyers, guns and money". I hope you both have just a lovely day, Happy Valentine's Day!!

Dar said...

How did I miss these last two entries??? Too much in a hurry, again! Sorry, Fred!
First, Happy VDay was made for folks like you and Frances. I always think of my folks when I visit here. You are the finest folks with genuine love of your fellowman besides your dear selves...Love the bowl of candy kisses adding sweets for the sweet.

About your mission work...I so admire someone who actually has "been there, done that", and such wonderful, necessary work. The picture of true baptism brought tears to my eyes. It is SO important and molds our lives. And the primitive fire, with such a gleeful smile. God boasts simplicity, doesn't he. We are so fortunate, yet so spoiled. I've seldom shared that, in my youth, You DID what I wish I had done. I am so grateful for YOU. Thank you for being our spokesman so often to so many.

George said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Valentine. God has been very good to you by sending such a woman into your life, just as He has been to me.

Y said...

We need more men who are unabashedly unashamed to admit that they are in love with their wives. Thank you for sharing you romance with your readers.

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