Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Unto You..."

Christmas is a time of JOY!  In this picture Frances and I are celebrating Christmas with some friends at a local restaurant.  Our town was full of lights and Christmas music was spilling from all the speakers in the mall.  What a wonderful, wonderful time of the year.

During Christmases in Nairobi when we were away from our children - we decided to invite all of our neighbors children into our home to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Here we had drafted children of our Hindu, Muslim, Bhuddist, and other African friends for a Nativity drama. 

Christmas is all about the Children

Even grown-up Children

A Very Special Nativity Collection

Our Christmas Angel

Our Family Poses for A Picture Before Eating

And What Would Christmas Be Without Snow?
A Savior is born, which is Christ, the Lord!  What great news it was.  What great news it is.  Jesus came to earth to die for our sins.  This Savior was not just for the nation of Israel - but for all the nations of the world.  To all who would believe and receive him he gave power to become the children of God.  Our salvation was not free - but it is provided for us at no cost to us.  Jesus died that we may live.  We celebrate His birth on December 25th, Christmas day.  We will celebrate his death and resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Amidst all the tinsel and glitter and the warm glow of giving and receiving gifts during the season let us remember that God, our Father in Heaven, gave us the greatest gift - His only begotten son.

Ruthie's Bunch

With The Pet


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hallelujah... Jesus is born!!!! Here's hoping you and your loved ones are having a blessed Christmas. We definitely are!!!!

Ginny said...

Merry Christmas, Fred!!!!! Wishing you joy and peace in the coming year!

jack69 said...

What a neat entry. Love it. The seniors in the first picture, I recognize, but I remember when they were kids!!!! LOL
Love the family pictures. and the party and get-together in Nairobi sounds just like the Fred and Frances we know. God has blessed you all,and us,so much since we first met in a trailer park as neighbors.)long before trailer trash of course!!!LOL)
Remembering and sending love,
Sherry & Jack

Joyful said...

Love all your photos Fred. I especially love Christmas lights. The glow they give makes me happy and helps remind me of Christ's love and peace so I really like your top photo with you and Francis. I also love that you invited children of all backgrounds and faiths to your Nairobi home. It is something those children will never forget. So glad you are enjoying your Christmas with family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

BlueShell said...

That was nice of you!
God Bless you!

Fred Alton said...

@ Jack - Haha. There have been many many moons since the days of Ocean Springs Trailer Park in Biloxi. I'm just wondering ... and cannot remember ... was there a "trash collection" day? Maybe we found out what day that was and moved before they collected us! ☻

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Fred I got so much joy out of looking at your Christmas with Frances and the family. I am so very glad you are looking well. So I pray you are also feeling it. The nativity drama with all the Children from other faiths was a wonderful 'seed planting'idea !!
I pray it always remains with them and many give their hearts and love to the True God one day.. Blessings sent from Australia.

Dar said...

Thank you Fred, for reminding us of the Reason for the Season. It is so wonderful, the gift, that God has given each of us with His Son.

You, my friend, are looking so wonderful next to your sweet Frances. I pray for your continued health as you recover. God is with you.


Tabitha said...

Thanks for including the Pet in the pictures although I couldn't be there this year. I really missed you all. You look like you are feeling good. I am praying and holding to the promise that God is healing you!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Wonderful photo of you two love birds. Best wishes for 2012 & prayer lifted for complete healing. Blessings!

Jo said...

Praise God for the wonderful gift of His only Son. We're free because He paid the price. THanks for reminding me once again, even though Christmas is just a memory and the reality of the extra pounds of flesh I'm carrying! I loved the photo of the different demonimation children in your home in Kenya. Thank you Fred, for always commenting and "sharing" Kenya with me when you do visit. I love hearing about your days here. Please pray for this country as we head for elections again this year. Our God is a God of PEACE and we pray He presides over all meetings and choices. Blessings and kind regards to Frances. Jo

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