Sunday, December 4, 2011


A key part of Revocery is the right food
My plate 5 days after surgery was Tilapia (Fish), Asparagus, Carrots and Apples
A very tasty meal prepared by my dear Frances

4 days after surgery, I walked outside outside our house
behind me and all the way to the corner!  It felt GREAT!
On Tuesday, November 22 at 4:15a.m. we checked into Memorial Hospital for surgical removal of two tumors which tests revealed were located in the intestinal tract of my body.  Dr. C. Portera and his team did an excellent job and I was sent to a room at 1:04p.m. after awaking from recovery.  I was fully cognizant of all things and sufferred no "drugged" effects.  I knew every visitor who came while I was awake and was able to carry on a lucid conversation with everyone.  I was honored that visitors came from the World Missions Department, including the Assistant Director and his dear wife.  I sufferred bearable pain in the stomach, but the medical marvels of pain reliever were applied automatically and "on-demand" from a bottle of pain killer hanging around my neck.  The  second day I was up and walking the halls, while pushing a rolling stand containing an I.V. with fluid drip.  The third day they released me from the I.V. and I was able to put on regular pajamas.  Of course I walked more freely now and was surprised at the amount of strength I felt.  Some of the nurses accused me of running a 5K marathon.  On the 4th day, the Doctor said that if I managed to keep down both breakfast and lunch, I could go home that evening.  I was released on Friday the 25th! 

Of course, I give highest praise to Jesus, my healer, for giving me the extra-ordinarily smooth trip through these troubled waters.  I give much credit to my dear wife of 54 years, Frances, who never left my bedside except to eat or grab a cup of coffee in the family waiting room.  She was attentive to my every move while I was in the hospital ... night or day.  She has been my primary care-giver.  Our "#1 daughter", Frankie, gave of herself and would not leave her Mom the first day.  Ruthie, our "Favorite One", was there when she could get off from work.  These two girls were so helpful that they deserve much thanks for giving their love and their prayers.  Our "Pet" was in touch by telephone from the place of her role as Pastor's wife in upstate New York.  All were praying.  I know that I'm blessed to have a family sub-structure of praying believers who love their family.//and that's on both sides (Frances and mine) of our family.

Time and space and lack of re-call abilities prohibit me from telling you all of those who did such kind acts and sent notes, cards, flowers, phone calls and personal visits.  You, my blog friend, whether from the past or from more recent months, also made my recovery move more smoothly with your encouragement, scriptures, and words of support.  THANK YOU.

Next Friday, the 9th of December, I meet Dr. Portera to discuss the route we take for chemo.  The lab report said there are micro-scopic amounts of cancer still left to deal with.  (One of 23 lymph-nodes examined showed signs of cancer.)  Pray that this goes well.  I have no idea what's in store for me - but I know that the Lord has assured me that He is healing me.  I trust Him.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow, Fred... You are doing GREAT... I think you did better than I did!!!!! I had a rough time --with complications. Glad you didn't have any complications.

You look great. Eating healthy is very important.. I am doing that also--or trying!

I will continue to keep you in my prayers---so please keep us posted as to your next step.

Hugs and Prayers,

jack69 said...

WOW what a trip. I know you have traveled the world over and saw wonders in Africa and the beauty of Alaska, but trip was by far THE trip of your life.
So proud of Frances, Frankie and Ruthie. Tabby would have been there if possible I know.
You do have a wonderful family.

Thanks for the report, looking good out walking my friend.

We love you and that family of yours.
Sherry & jack

Ginny said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again, Fred!!! Your surgery and recovery went perfectly, I know that the rest will, too!!! I am so glad, I will continue to pray!

Joyful said...

You are doing great! and it's so good to have Frances as your cookand partner to help you along the way as well as your darling daughters.

I pray that the treatment for the smaller amounts of cancer will go well and that you will be fit as a fiddle in no time.

Great to see you walking and blogging again :-)

Jean said...

I'm so glad to see you back Fred and what a wonder family you have. You're looking great and the good food your lovely wife Frances cooks you will be well before you know it. Maybe the chemo want be too bad they have improved it so much over the years. You take care. Jean

Jean said...

Fred that was suppose to be wonderful.

George said...

It was great to see you out and about so soon after your surgery. Your meal also looks very delicious. We will keep you, your family, and your doctors in our prayers.

Melanie said...

So glad to read your good report, Fred!! It sounds like things went well for you. So happy you have such a supportive family! I know that you know you're blessed! :)

Tabitha said...

Love seeing pictures of you on the blog. I love you and am thankful for the prayers and encouragement that you send my way. Love you! -The Pet

JDS said...

I will pray for you...Part of me wants to say "good luck," but another part of me says that men of tranquil faith, such as yourself, are in the best hands available and therefore have no need of a superstitious concept like "luck" any event, I look forward to reading the post where you say you the cancer is entirely gone.

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