Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween is the night before "All Saints Day". I read that halloween is a result of a contraction of the words "Hallowed Evening", shortened to "Hallowed Eve" and finally to "Halloween". Its a night that celebrates fictitious characters, ghosts and goblins. I don't think the three that visited our home could have been ghosts or goblins! They were much too sweet for that. However, they may have been "gobblers" if that is what you call people that love to gobble down the treats!

Could this be "Spider Girl"?

Spider Girl with a strong right arm?

Who is it? I know he has a big bag for treats and it is stuffed!

This bag was empty at first - but left happy. See that smile?

Yep, that pumpkin is about to eat the contents of the whole bowl !!!

The sweet "goblins" that visited here on Halloween! One of our grand-daughters is dressed as a little ole "Granny". The other as "Spider Girl" and our great-grandson is dressed in a costume I don't recognize. I'm told it is a character from a TV cartoon. Do you watch children's cartoons?

On a special night, disguised cleverly, one can keep getting more and more candy without being scolded!

"Nana and Poppaw" seem to be having as much fun as the children.


Favorite One said...

What? You don't know who "Broby" is? LOL I didn't know either - but I do now. Julian just loves "Yo Gabba Gabba" and one of the characters in it is Broby!

After buying a couple of movies for him and watching with him - I will say they have pretty good lessons - such as "we don't bite our friends, we don't bite our friends." Another phrase I remember said - "it's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy" - this one referred to eating healthy food.

Love the way you showed that bag ready to eat the treats! LOL That bag ended up being filled TWICE and we only went to two houses and the mall - hmmm, must've mostly been filled at your house. :0)

And you are absolutely correct - I (a.k.a. Nana) WAS enjoying it!

jack69 said...

Ahhhh the kids at halloween. Glad you had a visit, I know you guys enjoy every minute of it.
It is such fun to be able to spoil them and especially on this big night with candy!!!
Everyone is looking good. There are so many new characters I am lost.
Good report, love you bro and will miss you next weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what Cutie Pies, Fred.... All of them looked so adorable. Glad they enjoyed Halloween...

I also love All-Saints Day at church... It has always been very very meaningful...

Have a great week.

George said...

You certainly had some cute trick-or-treaters visiting you. The costumes are nice, but the smiles are priceless.

Ginny said...

These are great pictures! I love the granny costume, and what adorable little ones!! I think they will be on a sugar high for quite some time! Thanks for your comments, I am feeling so much better,of course that would be the steroids!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a good time.

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