Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm No Longer A Hunter

Now I am a killer! It has been at least 25 years since I last killed a deer. It's a bit dis-heartening to a person who is so serious about hunting to go year after year after year and keep coming home with nothing to show for their efforts except a few scratches from the briars and a thousand beggar lice hanging on their clothes. Why do you think we call this thing "hunting"? 'Cause that's what we do! We hunt. And hunt. And hunt again! I've often said to my friends, "I'm not a killer. I'm just a hunter." But from yesterday at 12:35p, right after lunch, I became a killer. The .270 Ruger is a deadly weapon. A nice clean shot high on the shoulder and this buck was on the ground. he kicked for about five minutes while my heart ran at break-neck speed. By the time my blood slowed back to normal the deer was not moving and was waiting for me to prepare him for the journey to our Christmas table - via the butcher shop!!! Boys and Girls, I WAS EXCITED!


jack69 said...

But in all my excitement I must say this, Mel who is a meat getter, from a meat getting family! It is Harvest!!!! Harvest!!!! somefolks don't like for you, Mel and Sarah Palin to kill those innocent animals!!!!

Now for Mel's mom, it is okay, she is older than you and shoots defensively!!!!

That said, I am tickled for you, and I know you are one happy ex-hunter!!!(this year)

I know a roast will taste good on the table. You keep talking and we will come upand eat some of it.

Love you Brother. I haven't checked in on Mel, hope she 'harvested one'.

Take care and kiss Frances for us.

Ginny said...

Well, congradulations! I personally prefer to do all my hunting in stores. Have you eaten any yet?

~mel said...

Congratulations!! I left you a big comment on the cabin page. Enjoy those meals of venison you Great Harvester!

Dar said...

Well, HappyDance, HappyDance Fred! I am So happy for you. Venison is so healthy and good too. Bill and his oldest son each harvested a couple, a spike and a 7pt. of which will be canned, steaks and whole loins for the grill. Enjoy your Christmas Dinner. Do you ever make mincemeat pie from the venison? Mom always made it from scratch for Christmas. It's a real treat.

Gotta tell ya, I missed blogging. I was away from it for a while and it's good to see you again.

Dar said...

Thanks for visiting, by the way, and I love that your Bucket List includes visiting churches and encouraging and helping for free. You are priceless to the aid of God's Plan.

George said...

Congratulations on getting the deer. I imagine that venison will taste mighty good on Christmas. I consider myself a hunter, although I use a camera rather than a rifle.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

CONGRATS, Fred.... I think I could feel your warm smile all the way up here!!!!! My Daddy loved to fish --but seldom caught many.. I do remember the smile on his face though when he'd come home with lots of fish from one of his weekend trips.

Congrats again.

Fred Alton said...

@ Jack and Sherry: Come over ANYTIME! We'll have deer meat when you want it because my friends from Tellico keep me supplied with deer from their freezers. Still there is nothing like HARVESTING one's own! Now I'm a "HAPPY HARVESTER", which may become the name of our family singing group! ☺ The Brannen Family Happy Harvesters. Don't that have a ring to it?

@ Ginny: we will have to wait about a week to ten days if I understood the butcher right.

@ Mel: Thanks for the comment here and on the other page. I like that suggestion - "Happy Harvester"! Thanks!!!

@ Dar: so glad Bill got his deer! So yes, we can join in now on the happy dance! I'm sure Frances could make a mincemeat pie - but it's been a long time. I'll probably make deer chili to serve to the gang of men at the cabin on New Year's day!!!

@ George and Betsy: I know what it means to hunt and shoot with the camera. I spent 20 years in Africa hunting only with the camera and came away with lots of pictures from the Masaai Mara and other choice African game parks. Big game hunting in Kenya (where we lived)was severely limited. Plus I did not relish the red-tape required to import my hunting guns. ☻

Anonymous said...

Wii, don't know if my blog accepts "anonymous" or not.

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