Wednesday, June 2, 2010

53 Years Ago Today

Lenoir City, Tennessee - June 2, 1957 - I stood as an 18 year old young man fresh out of boot-camp, trembling inside and standing beside my dream girl and before the preacher! Looking back, I realize I was in a state of mild shock, transfixed, hardly hearing the preacher's words and hoarsely croaking out the words "I Do" at the appropriate moment. Thoughts of "tonight" flying through my head at break-neck speed...I kept trying to focus on the events going on around me on a day that changed my life forever. In a few moments (seemed like hours) all of the ceremony, picture taking, tearful goodbyes from siblings and parents were over and at last we were in the '56 Studebaker (borrowed from Dad) and on our way out of town with several cars following - horns honking, drivers and passengers and waving and shouting, pretending to attempt cutting us off, as the shoes, and cans they had tied to the rear of the car bounced noisily along the road! Somehow - I eluded them all within the first two miles and we drove speedily to the motel owned by some church members where Dad pastored at Ooltewah, Tennessee for our first night together as man and wife! We were so in love. The air in the room was electric. I could hardly contain myself.

Fifty three years later - this morning I went to Chik-fil-A to get two breakfast burritos. Upon returning home I had put the food on the table and sat down to eat. Frances passed my chair and leaned over to give me a kiss on the lips - and the same fire was there in a flash. (Well, the intensity was not as high, but it was the same un-mistakable fire.) I love this woman so much! Thank you God for a wonderful wife. My children and grand-children sometimes get embarrassed at our kissing and hugging - but I'm so thankful for the feelings we have between us. Someone said, "Love is not a feeling". And another said, "Love is what you do...Not what you feel." I agree with those statements - but those moments of ecstasy are also a very important part of what has kept us together.

As you can tell from the pictures, the wedding was performed outside. This was done in front of the living room window of Frances' sister's home on B Street, Lenoir City, TN. My beautiful bride had walked across the street from sister Margaret's home (on B Street) and we stood outside for the ceremony to be performed by Rev. T.R. Morse, our pastor.


jack69 said...

Nice looking couple, I think I remember them.

Amazing, we were next door neighbors some time around 1959 then we went our separate ways. We got together for a week or so a few years later, then We both went our separate ways. It is good to have made contact again.

And Yeah, I remember you constantly embarrassed me, all that smootching!!! I tried to tell you it caused kids, you wouldn't listen!!!!

Happy anniversary you two, you guys are special. I hope this is the best ever and I know the spark is still there.

We love you both and hope to see you in July if you all are not gone off.

Love from over in NC,
Jack & Sherry

Favorite One said...

Awww... Ain't you sweet! Glad you have those lovely memories to share with us.

Love you both!

Fred Alton said...

Jack and Sherry, We will be here - and always delighted for you to come. Let me know when.

Fred Alton said...

Yeah Jack - And - I forgot to say, It looks like you didn't heed your own advice very well what with all those children and grandchildren!!! ☺ ☺ ☺

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