Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scatterred Thoughts About Change

"That's The Fred We Knew In Biloxi!" (A quote from Sherry Darnell)

Change Happens! It's as normal as falling off a log. Our President had a good chance of doing what he promised - "seeing change". It happens with him or without him. Someone said, "The more things change the more they remain the same!" And while that may be true to some degree, especially in politics, there are some changes that happen that make a real difference. Many people live longing for change. They feel they are caught in a trap and have a great desire to get out. Some feel trapped in their job, or school, or marriage, or lifestyle. They desire change, talk about change, strive for change, pray for change. But - CHANGE JUST HAPPENS.

We were all once babies. But things changed. WE got older. For some, acne caused us to be called "ugly" and thus some became unpopular or even worse, depressed. Then with maturity the pimples popped and faces smoothed and beauty arose. Cinderella became the queen. Now they young men sought the attention of "my fair lady". Some babies were cute, then changed to "chubby". But things changed further. The baby fat melted and a handsome young man appeared in his teens. Or maybe an awkward and gangly young man appeared. All the girls hung around the handsome one like flies on the apothecary's bottle. This is not the end though...things changed. That full shock of richly colored hair began to turn grey around the temples. This was "more handsome" for some. But in others, some hair turned gray while some hair turned loose. That fat began to re-appear. So much change occurs in some physical bodies until friends you had known as children but haven't seen in 10 to 15 years become unrecognizable.

There's an old saying that seems appropriate for this picture of me and my great-grand-son...... "Time has made a change in me!"


Favorite One said...

Ain't THAT the TRUTH!

We do change - not only physically - but mentally as well. I am glad for many of the changes I have made - mentally anyway - LOL.

I always have loved that pic of you in your younger days - I thought you looked so handsome. But I must admit - the picture at the bottom is one I will cherish for many years to come. It reflects the sweet GREAT Poppaw and Dad that I KNOW.

That little fellow there with you is pretty cute too!

jack69 said...

Ahhhh, Fred, as I hear sometimes, "You haven't changed a bit", Now why would a person lie like that!!!! hahahahahahaha
They just don't want to hurt my feelings!
Anyone reading, who is over 40 can follow right along with you. If over 65 are not following along, they are right there with you!!!

Funny (not ha ha) That all of a sudden (at 70) we realize, hey I am old.

But I am trying to enjoy the fact that God has been good to me to allow me to get old, to enjoy his blessings and a beautiful wife. To enjoy wonderful friends and travel to see his beauties.
Enjoyed the road you described, as I walked beside you on that 'short' journey.
Fine looking great grand son!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fred, YES---we all change --as we age!!!!! Gads! ha ha .....

About this country, my hubby and I didn't buy into Obama's promises of change when he was running for office... But--many people did!!!! Yes--we desperately need change in Washington: term limits, getting rid of the corruption in Congress and the White House, etc... I think people thought that Obama was going to bring about this change. But--his changes have made our country even WORSE. Oh Well---we wanted change... We GOT it! ha

We have been near your cabin before, or at least sorta near. We visited Towee Falls --which is near County Roads #636 and # 640. We also visited several waterfalls near Coker Creek. Neat area in the Cherokee Forest.

Hope you are staying cool through all of this heat and humidity we are having.

Fred Alton said...

Yes! Betsy, you were very close to my cabin and may have passed right by it. It is very near to Towee Falls and Coker Creek Falls. There is a sign on a tree saying "Pumzika Acres". Stop in and visit!

Dar said...

Yes Fred, like one of my birthday cards reads, Aging is inevitable, maturing is optional...or...we are as young as we feel, even with all the changes going on.

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