Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Frances cooked a wonderful meal from this venison! In the above picture I had begun cutting the meat from the bone. By adding two small pork roasts, then covering the deer with a pound of bacon it was cooked in the oven for two and a half hours on low heat. It came out sooooo tender and good!

While we were working on the meal on Saturday, this lovely bouquet of roses came from our youngest daughter (Tabitha) who lives in Watertown New York! Wish you all could have seen Frances excitement as she opened them.

Another scene of meat preparation.

I took Mom with me to Church Sunday Morning to the Tellico Plains Church of God. She is always such a blessing and is loved and respected by everyone there. She then joined us at our dining room table for the Mother's Day Meal. Our daughters (Frankie and Ruthie) and their families were also there for the meal in honor of their Mother, Frances.


jack69 said...

Now Fred, don't start with the cooking. We have Dar and Mel up in WI that causes me enough trouble with calories.
That looks so good. It especially is nice because I now can picture the house and kitchen. Frances is looking well, hope the mothers day was a lift. We are trusting that she will get her strength back all the way. Love that girl.
Mom is looking especially nice. I ain't meaning to be mean, but you could be her brother instead of her son!!!!! LOL I really do love you GUY!
TAke care and thanks for the great mothers day entry.

Fred Alton said...

Huh? And I though you were my friend - but there you go saying I am looking OLD! Naaaa - u jus meant Mom is looking YOUNG. (And all who know her know that's true.)

Favorite One said...

It twas a wunerful meal! I was lucky to get to sit at the table with you & Muddy! And, mom did too much - but it was so nice to get to spend time together.

I think Tabby wins the award this year - it was a GREAT way for her to show love to mom by sending the beautiful roses.

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