Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Crash!

February 26th was the day I finally quite working with the old laptop which had finally REFUSED to work anymore.  I mean - it was impossible for me.  However -  I took it to Staples, a business supply store, and purchased a new ACER laptop, with the understanding that the store would also transfer all of my old files over to the new computer.  Even tho my old machine had refused to work at all, they were able to remove the hard drive and pull the information off it and onto the new one.  What a relief!  I was up and running and smiling as I went. 
[To me, that should mean that my word processor, my software programs which had been purchased with hard-earned cash, my favorites bar, and everything else should continue to work just like before.  NOT!  It seems logical to me that if I have to buy accessories to get a machine to run like I want it to - then when I trade machines, the accessories should still be mine - or they should pay me for the accessories as part of the trade.  Evidently my thinking is too old fashioned for this store.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......!]

Now - that good feeling that left me smiling as I went lasted for only a few short weeks (it seemed like a few days) before my new machine began giving signals that a hard drive crash was imminent.  I did back up files again.  I'm so glad I did.  Last Monday I finally could not get the machine to turn on anymore.  I suspected a virus.  Surely it could not be anything wrong with the machinery itself?? a matter of fact...yes, it was.  What could be done?  I took it back to the store where I purchased it where a test revealed that there was indeed a malfunction of the new hard drive.  O.K., will the store fix it?  NO.  "You have to send it back to the manufacturer."  I cannot tell you all of the things I felt like saying.  I'll not belabor the point anymore (perhaps I already have) but it was a horrible experience for me. 

SPEED OF REPAIR AND RETURN?  Better than expected!  I sent it by Fed-Ex on Monday - and it was delivered to my door yesterday, Friday.  However - when I turned it on it refused to access the internet.  It was demanding an ethernet cable.  Many other commitments kept me from getting to the store before today...but when I did get it back tot he store a couple of hours ago now - the technician was able to get the wi-fi driver working again.  However, I still had to hunt my programs here on the internet.  I cannot remember all of the things I had pulled up previously and saved to my "favorites" bar.  But - the good news is - I will eventually recover from this.  Nuff said! 

I'm Glad to be back - and I know some of you didn't even miss me...


Ginny said...

I missed you, Fred!! Because I remember you had said you were going to start posting a bit more. Gosh, what a list of computer disasters!! One thing after another, and then the new one defective? My son and daughter-in-law are jinxed when it comes to computers. First they bought one from a computer guy at their church, it broke and they had to send it away, then the keys started falling off!! Then she spilled orange juice in the keyboard, fried everything and had to get a new one. Shortly after that, the cat threw up on the new computer's keyboard.

Jean said...

I missed you Fred! I was worried that you might be sick. Sorry to hear about all your computer trouble.My debit card got hacked into a couple of weeks ago and I still don't know if it was through the computer.Glad to see you back. Jean

George said...

You're wrong -- we did miss you. I certainly hope your computer trials and tribulations are now a thing of the past.

jack69 said...

What a joy to see Fred Alton's page. I thought maybe you were off harvesting in the Spring, a turkey maybe. Or preaching some'ers.

I can sure sympathize with the confuser problems. Yeah, the things that seem necessary to say are better not said.

I felt the same way about the programs I bought, WHERE ARE THEY? Yep, the same answers.

But all in all this whole makeup and systems capabilities are amazing. I know you at one time were an electronics tech, I was a halfway tech at one time also. It is hard for me to take all this capability in.
This has brought You, Frances, Sherry and I back close together. Inspite of all the hassle, I love it, and I love seeing an alert that says "FRED ALTON'SPAGE"

Love you, hug Frances for us,
Sherry & Jack

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Gosh... I had wondered where you were, Fred... I was hoping you were relaxing at your cabin!!!!!

Sorry about the latest computer problems. I hope this is the LAST of your problems.

We have MISSED you.

Melanie said...

So sorry to hear about the computer problems!! I hope you can get it all fixed soon!
Have a great week. :)

~mel said...

Sitting with a downed computer is NOT fun ~ then to sit with a new downed computer ~ DOUBLE NOT FUN!! Oh I hope everything is in order by now. Next time... go hunting. It's a lot less stressful!

Favorite One said...

Miss you - were you gone? LOL JUST KIDDING, of course. :0)

I FINALLY got me a computer. Got on FB, but I honestly like the blogs better.

See you tomorrow!

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