Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Incredible Mother

Oh, I know it is not Mother's Day yet, but I have to post about today's visit with her before I forget. I suggested to Frances this morning that we should go to Cap'n D's for lunch and have some fried fish as Jack of Ship'sLog fame had posted a picture of himself sitting in his new boat on a Florida lake, and wrote about catching some Crappie or Perch for his and wife Sherry's lunch. Frances immediately suggested that I should call my Mom and see if she would like to join us. We did call and she did want to go with us. After all, we are ALL getting that somewhat "cooped up" feeling because the recent snow and ice has just now melted. After lunch of "fish and fries" we went to Mom's Apartment just about two miles from here for a short visit. She had recently bought some new furniture she wanted us to see. She has a new bed, new desk, new couch, new storage cabinet and ... ? (something I'm forgetting?).

Here's my pretty woman sitting on Mom's new couch!

Mom in her favorite chair.

Me and my sweetheart at Mom's, watching her work out on her new trampoline! Can you believe it?

The woman will be 90 in March! I think she is something very special.


Melanie said...

How nice that you could get out and enjoy the day after all the snow you've had!
Wow, how blessed your Mom is to be almost 90 and still be in such good health!

jack69 said...

YES, I can believe it. You and Frances look well to be driven or drug across continents. It is wonderful that you can settle near your mom.
She is a wonderful lady, that is to be sure. And a trampoline no less. She is a go getter that is for sure. She is also one of the most wonderful young ladies I have met.

And very sweet to forgive my messing up a program for 'her' seniors.

Give her all our love and I want to try the trampoline on our next trip thru Cleveland.
Good post Fred!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---that is incredible, Fred. Your Mom seems to be doing well... Of course, staying active is one reason she is still in good health.

George's Mom will be 91 in May and his Dad will be 99 in August... They are also two very incredible people...


George said...

I'm very impressed with your Mother. I think it's neat that she is using a trampoline to get some exercise. I wish her much luck with it.

Jean said...

Your mom is a beautiful lady and to use a trampoline is wonderful . Just hope if I make it to that age I will still be able to live alone and get around as well.Enjoyed the pictures!

~mel said...


Dar said... wonderful to see more of the Youngsters staying active. Grams B was active right up til just shy a month, of her 102nd birthday. I'll bet she would have used one of those trampolines. She walked every day, rain or shine. Gotta take their healthy example. Your Mom doesn't look 90. BlessHerHeart and

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