Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On The 100 Mile Wilderness In Maine

Your's Truly - Enjoying The Trail
But Can You See The Tiredness In My Eyes?
It's because I had to fight with my ENO Hammock Most of the night.  (Well, that plus the five hour hike I had into here to the shelter).  Man - was I tired?  I had stretched out the hammock and slept in it a couple of hours at home - but without the sleeping bag.  Now I had a wonderful sleeping bag that was toasty warm to my back - but it insisted on staying bunched up in the middle.  It was a "Mummy Style" bag, which requires putting one's feet into before zipping up from the bottom.  It was dark and this bag was so warm - but I could not pull enough of it up around my body to stay warm.  I pulled at the legs first - then I pulled at the edges of the bag behind my shoulders.  While doing this I could not, no matter how hard I tried, pull the bag out froim under my back.  I would lift my hips high and try to jump-pull and push at the same instant - all to no avail.  The more I worked the hotter I got.  Then I felt warm.  Warm, that is, until the sweat I had worked up began to turn to ice-water!  Ha.  So - I'll roll over, I thought.  When I did - OUT - onto the roots and rocks.  When my knee hit that root I called out, "OH!"  "Are you all righ down there, Fred?"  Mark called out.  "NO!"  I replied.  So at One o'clock A.M., Mark came down to help this old man get back into the hammock.  What a WONDERFUL NIGHT!
Sherry D And Her Two Sons, Mark and Jack, Jr.

Missionary Friend, Gordon B., President Of The Bible College
In Kenya For Fourteen Years

Everyone Needed To Rest On This Trail

Hurd Shelter
By the time I reached here my vision was blurred.  ☺

Inside The Shelter Where The Others Slept

The Trail of Roots And Rocks
Goes Right By The Base Of That Tree
Jack and Sherry D.



Inside The Shelter of My ENO
I fought all night with my Sleeping Bag
Which I could not get to cover my shoulders!

Climbing into the ENO Hammock
Thru The Bug-Net



jack69 said...

I did not know about Mark, Glad he heard you. You could have been yelling and I would not have heard you.
Good entry. But I wanted to clear up a little thing you evidently forgot.
You said the scale at the airport said the pack weighed 48+. Remember you added the sleeping bag and the Stove + fuel after you got to our house. Maybe a couple things.

Anyway it was an adventure, and it was a success from a few view points. We know of a couple places we can get in to and supple hikers.
Love you Brother and it was a thrill to see you and re-acquainted with Gordon.
Love ya!!!!

Joyful said...

Oh what a night! I've never slept in a hammock but I do not like mommy sleeping bags as I tend to have the same problem.

You do look tired in that top photo. The scenery where you are looks so nice so I'm sure you were able to gt some benefit from that despite the fatigue.

Beverly said...

Oh, my, you are amazing. It looks like a great time...although, it's really not my thing. My son, David, would love it.

Thanks for always reading my blog!

Favorite One said...

I admit - I laughed as I read this blog entry. Loved going on part of the journey with you - even thru the mummy bag. :) Thanks for sharing!!

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