Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

I pray that all of you had a very Happy Easter.  Ours was blessed because we were able to go to church together with our first-born daughter (Frankie) and hear the special music presentation.  Our daughter sings in that choir but had surgery on her thyroid just a couple of weeks ago and was unable to participate this year.  I'm sure that was dis-appointing for Frankie but was a blessing for us as we were able to sit with her during the service.  Afterwards we all came to our house where we had a wonderful meal which had been prepared for us by a friend of our second-born daughter, Ruthie.  It was a blessed time of fellowship.

I have now passed through chemo treatment #7, which puts me "over the hump" of the 13 treatments that have been prescribed for me.  Thank God for the strength He is giving me as I go through this process.  One of the Easter songs really resonates in my being - "Because He Lives".  The chorus says, "Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He Lives, all fear is gone.  Because I know who holds the future, I now can face uncertain days, Because He Lives!"  Yes, just as He said to me in that un-forgettable dream, Jesus is healing me.

Be Blessed!

Iris in bloom by the carport!

Clymatis (Sp?) in bloom at the front porch

Roses starting to bloom!  It's too early?

More Roses

And More Roses

My Beautiful Frances


~mel said...

Fred and Frances ~ two beautiful roses in God's Garden!! I'm so happy you are "over the hump" and doing so well :) Happy Easter!!

We're greening up here ~ but no flowers blooming yet in my beds - it's way too early. I did get a load of bark delivered that I'm going to be using for mulch in my flower beds; now just to get the "get up and go" to put it where it belongs.

jack69 said...

Mel is mushy, but I agree about the roses, well especially Frances!!! LOL
What a great entry. 'Because He Lives' has a great meaning to me also. Different times and reasons but still real.

You are looking good, and knowing you have attained so many good friends has made this trying time much better, I am sure.

The flowers look great, our love to all, hoping to see you within a month or so.

The pastor at Huggin Oaks is Strickland. A retired Navy Chaplain. The name just struck me funny.

Love you all.
jack & Sherry

Joyful said...

Love all the photos of Spring flowers Fred. Here we are not quite at that point yet. Weather has been chilly for so long but at least now we are getting more sunshine :-)

I'm very happy you are "over the hump". I've got you on my prayer list so I don't forget.

It's so great you had a wonderful meal prepared for you and your family. Didn't have dinner yesterday. My guests will arrive today for a meal. God bless.

JDS said...

Wonderful post, Fred. I am glad your Easter was good, and that you are being healed. I feel like I have to let you know that every time I visit your blog, I feel a sense of peace when I finish reading. There is something reassuring reading the words of somebody who is so string and secure in the faith.

Also, I want to thank you for your comments about my Santorum piece. It was not a comfortable one for me to write because I respect him in many ways. Since I quoted part of the Constitution's so-called "Establishment Clause," I am going to write a follow-up to explain that I am not one of those people who believes in absolute separation of church and state...There is no way I could vote for an atheist!

George said...

"Because He Lives" is a perfect description of your situation. I'm glad you were able to enjoy Easter services with Frankie. I'm also glad that Spring has arrived so beautifully at your house.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You look fabulous, Fred... I'm so glad that you are doing so well--and have so many wonderful folks down there taking good care of you and Frances... God Bless You BOTH...

Because He Lives is a favorite of mine also...
Hugs to you both,

BlueShell said...

Oh Fred...I'm so glad to see you are so much better!
And the roses are beautiful.
May God bless you and your wife!

Isabel , A.K.A. BlueShell

Tabitha said...

Daddy, I think your beautiful Frances is waaay prettier than the roses in the pictures. Hannah says "Tell Popaw I love Him!!!!" We both are praying for you. We have seen some tulips bloom, but they are predicting snow for us on Monday. :(

Fred Alton said...

Heyyyyy, Tabitha! Thanks for the prayers for your old Daddy. I have to agree that your Mom is the prettiest flower in my garden. I sure would love to see you and your family. I love all of your children and wish we lived closer so we could see all of you more often. Makes me jealous about that snow! ☺ |:-)

Dar said...

Shame on me for not checking on you more often, Fred. I am glad to see you and Frances in your garden, a lovely one, at that. And looking so very wonderful. God is working his magic, I see, on his ' precious ones', you and Frances.
Do continue to heal and know you are thought of and prayed for even tho I do not blog so much lately.

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