Friday, January 13, 2012

Music To Grow On

I was just listening to a site on You Tube where many of my friends and acquaintances are involved in singing from a song book that came out many years ago and was widely distributed by Pathway Press.  This was the main song book for our local churches in the organization known as Church of God, with International Headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee.  This chapel is on the campus of Lee University and I pass this chapel each time I go over to visit my Mom - which is fairly regularly.  I just thought you might like to listen also, so I'm posting the URL here.

If that fails, just go to you tube and search for "red back hymnal night"

This particular video is one hour and 40 minutes long - so you may want to be sure to have something to snack on sitting beside your chair.  That is if you like southern gospel music! ☺  These songs bring back so many memories. 

Now we also had a "Convention" book, which was a collection of new songs written and collected and placed in a smaller paper-backed book.  At the annual Camp-Meeting, someone (sometimes the author - like Charlie B. Wycuff or Otis McCoy or Vep Ellis) would lead their new song from the Convention book.  I remember when Charles Wycuff first led us in his song, "What A Lovely Name, The Name of Jesus" and the crowd went ballistic with joy.  Oh what powerful times of un-abashed and un-ashamed worship in song.  One of my hunting buddies wrote a song after the red backed hymnal was published which became very popular in our local churches.  You may have heard Eddie Williams' song, "Jesus Will Hear Me When I Pray".  And Yes, there was shouting in the camp wherever and whenever it was sung.
The Song Book - Believe by Gospel Heritage Music

Mama's Song, "I'm Leaving Here"
My Mom also had one of her songs recently published in one of those paper-backed convention style books (2012).  It's called "I'm Leaving Here".  I MUST try to video tape her singing it and put it up for you to see also.  It's a good one.  The book is called "Believe Gospel Song Collection" and is published by Gospel Heritage House.

Well ... I didn't mean to write so much here.  Just wanted you to have that URL so you could have access to some good gospel music.


Joyful said...

I enjoyed the music. It was good to see and hear people singing the old hymns which I love, and to see them having a great ole time.

George said...

Thanks for sharing the music with us. I truly enjoy good 'camp meeting' music. I hope you do get a tape of your mother singer her song and post it for us.

jack69 said...

Fred, thanks for sharing this stuff. Sherry will be calling it up tomorrow, for sure. I try to hear, just cannot make it. hahaha.

I love your mama's song. I would love to SEE her sing it. Maybe the next time we are thru you can pick and she can sing it.

Love you my friend, and give our love to Frances.

Ginny said...

I will have to check this out. We have many hymn books, Phil used to be a church song leader way back in the seventies. He still does a good version of "I'll fly Away" at funerals. Wow, your mom wrote hymns!!! How many?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat that your Mama got a song published in the hymnbook... That is such an honor.... I'd love to hear her sing it...

Thanks for sharing that gorgeous music with us. I love the good ole camp meeting songs.... Special!!!!!


Dar said...

I know what I will be listening to tomorrow. Your Mom published a song, amazing and wanting to hear it. So you pick, too. You, my friend, are full of surprises and talent. What do you pick?..guitar, fiddle, viola? Wanna hear that too.
Now, I just have to find my way to your stompin' grounds someday.
Thanks so much for sharing snippets of your lives.

BlueShell said...

I am going to see that link.
I like music. And your mother published a song too: great!

I wish you the best!
Bshell (Isabel)

~mel said...

Sing a joyful noise onto the Lord! That was wonderful! I bookmarked it to be able to go back and hear some more. I always thought our church ~ the Lutheran church was a little stuffy when it came to singing. Oh we have wonderful hymns and all; but it just seems our northern churches didn't get "into" the music as much as the south. I know my sister in Texas understands what I'm going for here - because she's noticed it too. The church music gets better the further south you travel :) - just my opinion.
Thanks for sharing. AND Dear Fred ... I hope all is going well with your treatments. You and Frances are in my prayers.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

You, dear Fred, are inspirational, as are your friends and family.


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