Friday, July 15, 2011

73rd Birthday - Number 2

What a family!  Frances brothers and sisters invited me to a party at Frank and Jan's home!  My, oh my...What a meal.  16 oz steaks with all the trimmings and plenteous servings of desserts!  Several cards - with one outstanding one which I can remember.  Outside, it read "The Democrats got your Birthday Cake" and inside, "Sliced it and divided it among those not fortunate enough to have a birthday today!"  I'm so thankful that I live in a democracy.  Ha.
My steak, baked potato and salad

All steaks weighed 16 ounces each!
The most unique gift bag was this one made to look like cowboy boots!

This Lexus was my ride to the party!  Dewain and Debbie's

My wife needed a rest for her arms after her purse was loaded with gifts!

After the party we went over to visit with Brother-in-law Curtis who was too sick to come to the party

The Ice-Cream cake was delicious


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Fred..... SIXTEEN OUNCE steaks???? Holy Cow!!!! What a wonderful family!!!!

BUT --I do have one question... Why didn't they GIVE you the LEXUS????? That would have been a really nice gift.. Shame on them!!!! ha ha ha...

Glad you had a good one.. (Wish your family was MY family!!!! ha)

jack69 said...

It is amazing the in-laws like you after dragging Frances all over the world (away from Lenoir City, TN).

But for a fact I know they still do. Of course youare admired by many even though you did steal the young girl.

Glad you enjoyed a wonderful birthday dinner with family. I know for a fact, most of us guys lean to HER family!

Pray your health stays good and you enjoy many more STEAK BD dinners.

Love you Bro!!!

George said...

What a wonderful birthday party and what a wonderful family. I'm not sure I could put away an entire 16-oz steak, but it looked so good I sure would give it a try. That ice cream cake looked pretty good, too!

Ginny said...

The food is making me drool, I haven't had a steak in years! The card is SO funny!!!!! And I see you are not about to be seen carrying your wife's purse on your birthday celebration!!

Joyful said...

Wow Fred, I can't imagine eating a 16 oz. steak but they sure do look good. I recognize your wife's handbag as I have one just like it in earth tones with African designs. Did she get it in Kenya? I'm glad you were able to stop by and visit your family member who couldn't get to the party. I'm sure he appreciated it very much. Happy Birthday!

Dar said...

How nice to celebrate your birthday twice. You really ARE a special gift all by yourself!
As for those humungous steaks, Mercy, Man, did you eat the whole thing in one sitting. They look delicious. Medium Rare, just like I loveum.
Hope you have many more celebrations with you family and friends. You sure deserve the best God has to give.
BlessYourHeart (after that huge bite of beef)

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