Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camp Meeting Week

Inside a New Air-Conditioned Building

It's that time again!  Annual "Camp Meeting" worship services and Bible Studies began last night at the North Cleveland Church here in the state of Tennessee.  It's always a time of spiritual refreshing, seeing old friends, making new friends, learning more about the Word of God and experiencing our relationship with God and with one another.  It's always a busy time for a minister.  That's why this entry will be comparatively short.  Tommy Bates started us off last night.  This morning - THE BEST PART - (always the best part for me) was the Bible Study.  This year Mitchelle Tolle is once again the Bible Study teacher.  Wish all of you, my friends and blog readers, could be here with us.  You can see the services at night, streaming live, on the Internet.  Go to www.cogtn.org and click the link on the hompage, the 2011 Camp Meeting page or North Cleveland Church of God hompage at www.nccog.org.Services begin each night at 7:00p. through Friday night, June 24, 2011.

You might see me there!

Ministers Listening To The Bible Study


jack69 said...

Fred my man!!!! Hope you enjoy Campmeeting. Many of my fondest memories are of campmeeting, and chasing the girls that came, Oh of course that was before I met Sherry! hahahaha

I know CM is a great time, it always was. Many folks took their vacation time to relax in the old tents and saw dust.

Yeah, I know it is not the same now, you guys are serious, and I know you aren't chasing the girls anymore, Sweet Frances took care of that stuff!!

have a wonderful time, love to Frances and your Mom, I know she will be there, Lowell too, of course!

LOve from NC, where it is HOT!

Ginny said...

Looks exciting! How many are attending? Is there a theme?

Dar said...

I do remember loving going to Bible Camp as a kid. It was my first experience of time away from my family and I was a bit nervous. It didn't take more than the first gathering of fellow Christian kids and counselors to make me feel 'right at home, with God.' I had nothing to fear but fear itself. I had a blast each time and could not wait to return whenever possible. Thanks for renewed memories of my childhood. I regret to say that I have been 'away' awhile and keep praying for the strength to change that again.
Thanks for thinking I'm such a good Grandma. I do try, but have the worse time convincing my son to get his family together with God. I know he is a believer, but is struggling with personal stuff with his 3 kids. That's why my door is always open to them. I know they all need Grandma and Mom right now, as hard as it is sometimes., it's necessary to be here for them at the time. Life sure has lots of detours.
Have a wonderful time at camp, Fred, and please, tuck a little prayer in there for me for strength to return to God's house.

~mel said...

Now Fred ~ I have to ask,(in my deep stern voice) what are you doing snapping off photos when you're suppose to be paying attention?? You know The Big Guy Upstairs has His eye on you! (now I'm sounding like my Daddy) ... Enjoy Camp Meeting!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hello, We are home from our wonderful trip... We loved it --but there's nothing like HOME.

I had to laugh when thinking about going to a camp meeting in an Air Conditioned facility.... (Sorta can't call it "Camp Meeting" any longer, can we? ha) I remember those days to HEAT and little FANS.


George said...

I'm sorry your Camp Meeting happened while we were gone -- I would have enjoyed joining the evening sessions. It looks as if everyone had a wonderful time with great teaching and beautiful fellowship.

Jo said...

Hi Fred, I loved Christian camps and attended them regularly through high school and even as a school leaver. I gave my life to Jesus on 9 January 1969 at just such a camp. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip with us. Thanks too for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I know that you recognize many places here in Kenya and I love it when you recall your time here in East Africa. Have a blessed weekend, my best to your dear wife. Jo

Jo said...

Hi Fred, thanks for your lovely comments on my Kenyan post and on the Karoo. You would have travelled on the N1 from Johannesburg to the Karoo, passing Bloemfontein which is "our" city being the closest to our small home town of Marquard in the Eastern Free State. You are right" Mpumalanga (which means east or place of the rising sun) is near Johannesburg, to the east and wherr the Kruger Park is) So glad you enjoyed our beautiful continent. Have a blessed week; regards to your dear wife. Greetings, Jo

Joyful said...

Camp meetings sound like fun! A great way to learn and be refreshed.

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