Monday, February 15, 2010

Five Years

Chloe Jean Crockett celebrated her 5th birthday last week. It caused me to reflect on many changes that have occurred in my life of that short amount of time. The day she was born I was leaving for an appointment in South Georgia. I was so glad she came about an hour before I had to leave town. Memaw (Frances) and I were in the room at the time the baby came. Looking back - I can see the hand of God from day one of this child's life. She is so sensitive and aware of God. (That's Chloe in the green outfit) Of course she has much growing and learning to do - but is well on her way to being a true servant of the living God. I've heard it said that Catholics say, "Give us a child until it is seven years of age and it will always be a Catholic." The Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6) Ruthie and Curtis Crockett are doing a masterful job of raising this child in church and teaching her the ways of the Lord. Thank you Ruthie and Curtis.

The day Chloe visited with us we had a birthday present ready. She brought along one of her neice's, so Memaw made sure that Caitlin Crockett had a gift too. She's a big-hearted grandmother. She has 7 biological grand-children plus 2 step grand-children; and 2 biological great-grandchildren plus 8 step great-grands. (I think I've counted them all). :D

The highlight for me was when the two girls picked up a story book and brought it to me, asking me to read to them. Of course I was delighted to read for them. They both amaze me.

That's Caitlin sitting on my right knee (in pink) and Chloe on my left knee (in green). What a wonderful feeling. Chloe is our grand-daughter. Caitlin is our great-grand-daughter.


jack69 said...

It is amazing how many OLD friends we have. hahahahahahahahahaha!

Great entry Fred. Amazing how very sweet children are, especially when they are grand and great grands.

I know you guys reflect how wonderful your own children were. They brought so much joy. We are doing the same.

That looks so comforting to see kids being read stories. One of the simple pleasures of life to see imaginations light up!

Kiss Memaw for me! And give her a hug for Sherry!!!

Love you guys, kep the entries coming, We enjoy the Blog. Nice to get a look into your family today.
Sherry & jack
BTW the boat weighs 52 lbs seats/transom=31 lbs.

Favorite One said...

Both girls REALLY loved sitting on Popaw's lap and listening to you read! Memaw does have a very gracious heart - always making sure everyone feels special! I am lucky to have had parents who taught us about God. We certainly trust in Him to help us as we do our best to teach Chloe. I know she's "mine" - but she's God's first & last. She does have such a loving, tender heart - sensitive to other's needs and willing to pray. What a delight to have her in our lives.

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