Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's Over!

This is Saturday, August 9, 2008 and the General Assembly of our Church has just concluded. I'm still in the hotel, waiting for flight time tomorrow. I have my bags packed and am ready to go...and I'm experiencing mixed emotions. I can literally feel little shots of adrenalin when I think about the fact that I don't go back to the office in Cleveland. This feeling is similar to "butterflies" in the stomach. On the other hand there is a tinge of sadness that I won't go back to the offices. Now, don't get me wrong, but I am not quitting. I cannot imagine me sitting down and doing nothing. Maybe you (mostly my children) will pray for me to know exactly how I can be most useful to God for the remaining years of my ministry. I only have to live 30 more years to keep the promise I made to you (my daughters) that I would live to be 100 and would be here for you. Yes, I do mean it when I ask for your prayers --- but I am not worried nor afraid of the future. The same God who took care of us when we first started out in missions will also take care of us now as we begin this new chapter. I'm excited about it!!!

OK - I think I've already reported to you the major elected persons to fill offices of leadership in our church...from the General Overseer down to the Council of Eighteen. I've also reported to you that Peter Thomas, the man who had been serving with me in Africa as the Continental CE Director, has been appointed to replace me. Stepping up to replace Peter as CE Director is Jurgen Rudolph. Here are some other appointments you might want to know: Dennis McGuire, Director of Multi-Cultural Ministries; J. David Stephens, Overseer of Tennessee. Thomas Madden, Int. Youth and CE Director; Gary Lewis, Assistant Youth and CE Director; Paul L. Walker, Director of Local Church Development; Paul Conn, Lee University; Don Aultman, School of Ministry; Gary Moncher, Patten University; Steven Land, Theological Seminary; Robert White, T.L. Lowery, & Bill Claypoole, International Evangelists;

Well - there's a few more coming later. If you have a question later I'll try to answer it.


Tabitha said...

There is currently an opportunity for you to be a good Popaw at my house in Talbott! We are in need of a fishing trip.

Favorite One said...

I pray for you daily! And, I'm teaching Chloe to do the same. I had temporarily forgotten about your promise - but you DID say that - 100 it is - Or MORE!

I have no doubt you'll find plenty to do during your retirement! Mom has LOTS of knives that need to be sharpened! You have LOTS of children, grandchildren & even great grandchildren to take fishing, hunting, hiking in the woods (or even the neighborhood), eating ice cream, spitting watermelon seeds and just plain making us all laugh!

Of course, ministers never really retire - they just realign themselves and their schedules.

So glad you're back home & I'm so happy for you to be able to enjoy your retirement!

Corky Alexander said...

Congratulations on a well earned retirement to a godly Bishop of the church that I am proud to call my friend and blogging pal.

K E Alexander said...

Congratulations, Fred!! Now you can really enjoy that cabin!!

Travelin' On said...

It's not really OVER, it's only just's YOUR time!
I love you.

Favorite One said...

Hey - Does retirement mean your blog is over? Oh, you must have too many other things to do - like love on your grandchildren! LOL!

RevTJ said...

Congratulations on a wonderful heritage you have left. I know you and I'm sure you have left your mark in ways you never thought possible. May God bless you and all that you do from here on out. Love you uncle fred may God bless

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