Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th @ Pumzika Acres

Early in the morning I awoke with excitement and anticipation inside for I knew this was the day for the family cook-out. I loaded up the pick-up with chopped sirloin, Beef Franks and Turkey Franks (otherwise known as hot-dogs) -- plus a couple of rifles to fight off the bears that might be tempted to taste test the cooking before it was done, then headed for my favorite relaxing spot. It was great having Frances' family together with our children and grand-children...28 of us in all. All seemed to have a great time. Joe waded the creek bare-footed and then started to walk the log which is across the creek, but, oops! The bark was slipping off the log, causing him to fall astraddle the log. Like a rider on a bucking bronc, his legs automatically grabbed hold and locked around that mighty steed while he steadied himself, regained his composure and inched himself along back to the starting point. With no bones broken and no serious injuries he proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day. Chloe Crockett, one of our three year olds, walked out on one of the trees growing out of the bank and leaning out over the creek, then jumped off into the arms of her Dad. She is fearless. Hailey, our two year old wanted so bad to be in the creek with the other little ones but she had recently had tubes inserted into her ears and was under doctor's orders not to be in a pool. It was very difficult, but her mother (Kimberly) held her and restrained her and tried to quiet her tears. Hannah and Gracie played alongside the other little ones in the creek but Rebecca and Jessica were on the porch with the young adults. We had four watermelons in the creek but only cut one. Everyone must have filled up on the hamburgers and hot-dogs.

To my son-in-law, Curtis Crockett, special THANKS for helping with the cooking of the meat. To my girls, special THANKS for helping in the kitchen. To EVERYONE -- A HEARTY THANKS for all you did to make this day a memorable one. I hope you all had as grand and joyful a time as I did.

After everyone had left the site and I had cleaned up and straightened up the out-side I decided to go inside and clean up the pots and pans where we had cooked the baked beans, chili, and coffee. Much to my pleasant joy it turned out that my wonderful daughters (TABITHA and Frankie and Ruthie) had already wasked up everything! They deserve a blue ribbon prize. If I knew how to add one of those smiley emoticons I would put it right there. You know...the one with the biggest grin on it.

Then, surprise, surprise...Frances and I spent the night at the cabin. One of our camping neighbors had come over needing two pickles earlier in the day(which we found after some searching through our stuff). Later he returned with a sack full of blue lake beans and fresh squash and some okra out of his garden. After we had rested an hour or so and as quiet settled over the mountains we sat on the porch and broke beans.

God is Good. Life is good.


Corky Alexander said...

Looks like fun. You have a beautiful family. I am guest lecturing at the Seminary for Kim at 8AM Monday on John Wesley.

Tabitha said...

How many daughters do you have? How many 3 year olds? Feeling a little excluded here.

Fred Alton said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Me oh My oh Me oh My! Tabi, I am so sorry for that oversight. I am correcting it.

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