Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Friends

You know, this subject of friends is really large. While writing the last blog about "friends" I was thinking of the friendship that Frances and I have enjoyed for over 50 years now. Yes, Frances is my best friend because she sticks up for me even though she knows more about me than any other human being alive today. I also thought of Mom and our "friendship" which has existed for almost 70 years. She's one of my "best" friends. I hope that all of my family members are "best" friends. My siblings; my children; my grandchildren are "best" friends. Over the years I have made many ministry friends. Some minister friends kids are close to me and a couple of their kids call me "Gramps". I'm thinking of Jack Morris, a fellow missionary. Gordon Bloodworth, another missionary friend who has gone through many experiences on the field with me. I think of Paul Fritts, a pastor in Tennessee who has been a friend for 45+ years. And if I continue to name names I will run out of time and this blog will become boring to some.

Today, I am thinking of a minister friend who has been especially close to me and who understands my heart. Even though he does not always agree with my point of view he is willing to listen to me and continue to be my friend. Edward L. Williams, "Eddie", is a person I have known since 1955. He was teaching in college when I came to Lee Academy (High School for those who wonder what academy means.) Later he became pastor of the 6th Avenue Church of God in Lenoir City, Tennessee while I was pastoring the Northside church in the same town. In the early '70's, when I was having a spiritual crisis and didn't feel like I had a friend in the world -- it came time to go to a state meeting. As I entered the meeting place some ministers I knew actually walked in another direction, (it seemed to me it was deliberate) so as to avoid having to speak to me. I'm aware that when one is feeling down it is easy to get offended. But I remember Eddie walking over to me and saying, "Fred, where are you going to sit? I want to sit with you." He may never fully understand the impact that his gesture of friendship had on me. During that time we got to know each other better. Our friendship grew. In 1985 we traveled to Guyana, S. America together to minister to the churches in that country for two weeks. We started hunting and fishing together. He went on to serve the chuch as president of Northwest Bible College in Minot, ND, served as President of our European Bible Seminary in Rudersburg, Germany, came home and Pastored distinguished churches and served on various boards and committees in the organization. One of his children recently said to me, "You know Fred, you are the closest friend that Dad has in the ministry!" What a compliment. Today he is retired but still the closest friend I have in the ministry.

Friends like this are not easy to find. So folks, hats off to Eddie Williams and to all Best Friends!


Favorite One said...

I'm glad Eddie became your best friend. That friendship has thankfully spilled over onto your family. I'm honored that even your youngest granddaughter knows and loves "Mr. Eddie". I agree - he's a wonderful person! YOU are too!

Travelin' On said...

Nice reflections on friends.
I have a few folks that I can sit down with and it is as if no time has come between us... no awkward first moments... just a whirlwind of joy and catching up together. That is rare and nice!
I'm glad you have such a friend as Eddie, a blessing for sure.
As a PK who has spent half a lifetime traveling, I haven't made a lot of long term friends. It is nice to reflect and appreciate those we have.

L A Brannen said...

As one of the poems that I posted may reflect, I don't feel like I have very many, if any very best friends, other than my family et. al. (Is that correct grammer?) Not because no one would be my friend, but because, for whatever reason, I never did the things I should have done to nurture friendship. That's my fault. I do believe that Eddie and others would be a friend to me any time I need them. I don't know. I think I have a problem that maybe Donice could help me with. It's probably because my older siblings always picked on me!! lol (I'm just kidding you know!)

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