Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Trying

Yeah, Mama said I was trying..."Very Trying"! But not really that hard. Hmmm. This is all new to me and I'm not so sure I want to open up this "pandora's box" called b.l.o.g. -- I have been inspired by my younger siblings (Wilmon, Lowell, Bonita, and Donice - but mostly by Lowell). See - I'm gettin' older but I'm far from dead yet. Lowell has his blog off to a great start and I have loved reading his comments, his openly sharing about his illness, and the pictures he has been posting. Of course my kids also prod me from time to time, with Ruthie being one of the main ones to say I should start mine so others of you in the family can stay up-dated on some of my work and travel.

Who am I? Well, I'm the son of Louis and Bonnie, brother of Wilmon, Lowell, Bonita, & Donice. They are all very important to me. I love the fact that for the last few years I live near them here in Cleveland. For those who don't know, we moved to Cleveland, TN to take this job at the 1998 General Assembly of our Church. Dad passed away in 1999. A year later Mom sold their house in Athens, TN and moved to Cleveland. Lowell moved from south Louisiana to Cleveland to pastor the Assembly of God in our town. Donice married and moved to Cleveland and is a family counselor. Bonita and husband gathered up their things which wern't sold or given away and moved to Niota (just up the road) but since the last move they too have a Cleveland address.

We had just returned to the US after doing over 9 good years in Kenya as missionary and overseer for the Church of God in that country. I'm very thanful that I had moved here and that now we have opportunity for visits not only with Mom but wth the siblings too. Well, that is all but Wilmon, who lives in Corpus Christi, TX. However, he too has bought a home near here and is moving this way soon (we hope). When he gets here all of us may buy a bus and go on the road like the "Singing Brannen's"!

As many know I currently serve as the Field Director for West, Central, and Eastern Africa. In this position it is my privilege to fly out to Africa about five (5) to seven (7) times each year. The flights are long and hard, and not near as glamorous as some would make them. Having frequent flyer miles is not that exciting for me. I'd rather go walking. Which the doctor has told me I need to do more of. So - let me go get with the program. C Ya later

Fred Alton


Lowell Brannen said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Looking forward to reading your posts

Travelin' On said...

I'm glad you JOINED UP!
It is fun to blog, although lately I have been slacking. But hey that's what's nice, it's our blog and it can be....whatever it turns out to be. It can be venting, sharing, ranting, raving, etc., you get the idea. Maybe we'll get mom on board....welll..... actually having her on email is pretty amazing I think!
Love you!, Your "little" sister.

fred said...

Thanks Do Nice! Yeah, we can rant and rave or ventilate our feelings - as long as we don't mind it being posted on the front page of the daily newspaper or local TV show. This thing is not anonymous, that's for sure. Do we "let it all hang out" on here? Somehow, I don't think that would be best for me, altho in just 13 months I'll be retired and maybe it won't matter as much then. (I'm saying all of that with a chuckle.

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